Sandra Santos

Animation Director, Animator



Curriculum Vitae

After my First Degree in Sculpture at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Oporto, I went on to study Animation Direction at the French School La Poudrière, thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Having started as an animator, in-betweener and director in 1998 at Filmógrafo, the studio owned by director Abi Feijó in Oporto, I then worked for the Lisbon based Zeppelin Filmes in the model making and animation of the series "Home Things" and in the armature making of the short "Sunday Drive", both projects by director José Miguel Ribeiro.

Afterwards, I moved to London, where I worked as an animator in the computer 2D animation (CelAction) children series "Peppa Pig - Season 2" by Mark Baker and Neville Ashley, after which I moved to France to work in the computer 2D animation (Affter Effects) children series "Ariol" by Emilie Sengelin and Amandine Fredon at Folimage.

In 2010 I returned to Portugal to complete an animated short film financed by the Portuguese Institute of Cinema and Audiovisuals (ICA), and since 2011, I have been a teacher at the BA in Animated Image of the University of Algarve, Portugal, where I am also doing my Phd in Digital Media Art.

Participation in Film Festivals

2011 "O Belo Adormecido", Portugal, Cor, animação de volumes, ANIMAR / Estaleiro da Curtas Metragens CRL.
Realizado por alunos do 12º ano AV1 e AV2 da Escola Secundária 2/3 José Régio, Vila do Conde,
a partir da música dos Clã, sob a orientação de Sandra Santos

2010 "E Se...", Portugal, Cor, 7', animação de volumes (marionetas), filme apoiado pelo ICA

2004 - “A MORTA” animação de volumes (marionetas), filme de fim de estudos, La Poudrière

2003 - “SAMEDI APRÈS-MIDI…” marionetas planas, La Poudrière para o Canal J

2003 - “BELLE” animação de volumes (plasticina), La Poudrière

2001 - “COISAS E LOIÇAS” marionetas planas, produzido pela Filmógrafo sob encomenda do Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis

2000 - “O ALMOÇO” animação de volumes (plasticina), FBAUP

1999 - “CRIAÇÃO” animação de volumes (marionetas), FBAUP

1998 - “FIM” desenho animado, Filmógrafo para o Departamento de programas infantis da RTP (“Jardim da Celeste”)

1998 - “LADO B” volumes animados, filme de fim de curso, (co-realização), CITEN– Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian